Citizenship Project

This is ongoing Project seeks to help the community in acquiring their citizenship rights with the help of well-trained paralegals. The main activities of the project include educating the public on citizenship laws and the importance of citizenship/nationality documents and providing paralegal aid to community members in need of such services.

Environmental Justice Project

Climate change is one of the most complex and urgent of global issues due to its potential impacts and the measures required to address those impacts. Both are potential game changers for the earth’s biosphere, ways of life, and economic development into the twenty-first century and beyond. Climate change is impacting countries throughout the world, particularly those with the arid and semi-arid areas, and its severity is only expected to increase.

Indigenous peoples and other marginalized communities from Kenya’s semi-arid and arid areas, have been suffering some of the worst impacts of climate change. Specifically, the poorer counties of Turkana, Isiolo, Garissa, Lamu and Kilifi, which are predominately inhabited by pastoralists, small scale farmers and fisher-folk communities, are significantly affected by the effects of climate change, in the form of displacement, food insecurity, resource-based conflict, failing rains leading to water scarcity and severe drought.

HSI is partnering with Natural Justice on this project which aims to understand the impacts from infrastructure and extractives on the environment and how this is exacerbated by climate change. The Project’s goal is to ensure that Indigenous peoples and marginalized communities in Kenya are empowered to invoke climate related laws, regulation and institutional accountability in development projects to improve their resilience to the impacts of projects and climate change.

 Haki Na sheria organized cleaning exercise on World Environment Day

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