The Second Class Citizen


Interview with KIOS Foundation

Yussuf Bashir is the executive director for Haki Na Sheria, in this interview by KIOS Foundation, he outlined the organization’s role as being the region’s led human right defender, Haki Na Sheria is engaged to ensure there is a respect for human right.

Fighting for human right

In 2012 Kenya Defence Forces went amok when one of their own was killed by suspected al-shabab militant, the soldiers burnt down the famous Suq Mugdi where hundreds of traders lost their livelihood while scores were sustained bullet injuries, Haki Na Sheria as a human right Organization sued the state on behalf of some of the victims and filed a petition at Garissa High court.

After several Months of fighting for the victims at the corridor of justice, victims were finally compensated for the pain and suffering they have been subjected to by members of the soldiers.


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