Who we are

women queueing for water at a shallow well
Women queueing for water at a shallow well

Haki na Sheria Initiative (HSI) is a Non-Governmental Organization based in Garissa, Northern Kenya. Haki na Sheria was founded in 2010 by 7 young human rights defenders from Northern Kenya.

We provide a platform for the promotion of the participation of marginalized communities in governance and reduce human rights violations in the region where they hailed from. HSI is a leading member of the Garissa Human Rights Network and currently hosts the network.

Our Commitment

We are committed to the vision of a Kenya where all marginalized communities live dignified lives free of human rights violations.

We exist to empower marginalized communities to understand, respect, promote, demand and effectively claim their human rights and obligations in pursuit of an equitable society.

HSI uses innovative methods such as power analysis to address the root causes of the challenges faced by the poor in realising their rights.

In our view, change requires a local catalyst. As that catalyst, HSI sees its roles as lying in: civic engagement; mentorship; redressing inequality; seeking accountability at all levels; awareness raising; public interest litigation; working through strategic networks and movement building; broadening and deepening knowledge; inclusiveness; and constant innovation.

Our Team

Executive Director

Yusuf Bashir

Program Officer

Bare Kerow

Program Officer

Kasida Abdullahi

Finance Officer

Doreen Nkonge

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