Right to Education

“…Although there was a general increase in education facilities and enrolment in the County since coming to power of the County government. At the time of the study, a sizable number of primary and secondary schools had been closed down, others operated at a limited capacity while others were consolidated.

There was a general shortage of teacher in public schools as a result of teachers strike in the County. This was attributed to insecurity despite private schools operating”

According to a study by Haki na Sheira, the right to a universal free and compulsory education will remain a challenge for Garissa County. The County’s ambition is to bring education levels both in primary and in secondary to near national average.

The County Government of Garissa is cognisant of both the right to education and the challenges it faces in guaranteeing Universal Free compulsory education. For a while now through the Constituency Development Funds built infrastructure for different schools.

The County government has also worked towards increasing Early Childhood Development (ECD) schools. The government has also increased vocational institutions, technical institutions, and putting in place policies that promote job creation for the youth polytechnics.

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