Haki na Sheria

We are a Non-Governmental Organization from Garissa, Northern Kenya.We provide a platform for the promotion of human rights and participation of marginalized in governance.

Our Programmes

Access to Justice

We seek to address this problem through various strategies such as: Civic Education/Capacity building of community members and service providers; Community Mobilization; Research and Documentation; Legal Aid and Representation.

Communities of Northern Kenya who have been marginalized by successive governments and subjected to gross human rights violations; through this programme, they are given support to access justice for free through legal aid and representation.

Women and Youth Empowerment

We seek to redress negative and deep rooted social norms that oppress women among pastoralist communities. It recognizes that both men and women must play a key role in transforming these relationships.

We also seek to address challenges faced by the youth from marginalization by cultural institutions to supporting them in countering violent extremism.

Governance and Accountability

This programme seeks to challenge the history of impunity and corruption in the management of public resources. It organizes communities to ensure their voices are heard in key decision making forums and push for greater transparency.

Cultural rights

We recognize that pastoralist communities have unique and fast eroding cultural practices that need protecting and celebrating. Climate change poses a serious challenge to this way of life and documenting the resilience of the people is a key part of our work.

Environmental justice

Environmental justice is the fair treatment and meaningful involvement of all people regardless of race, color, national origin. We provide the community with the opportunity to participate in decisions about activities that may affect their environment and/or health. Haki na Sheria bridges the gap between the community and the decision makers.

Citizenship program

Nationality in Kenya is regulated by Chapter III of the Kenya Constitution 2010 and the 2011 Citizenship and Immigration Act. This program seek to help the community in acquiring their citizenship rights with the help of well-trained paralegals.

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